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What do I need to live my best #VanLife? (Full-time/Part-Time/Any-Time)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

So, you're looking to build-out a rig or looking to buy one that's been outfitted. Here's what you need to know - OR - need to look out for.


Your Source of Power.

You need to make sure you have a quality and reliable battery bank. In our builds, Brandon and I use Renogy Batteries and Inverters. With Renogy's self-heating, lithium batteries we don't have to worry about them "freezing" if it drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and they'll never over-charge. We also hook up the batteries to our van's alternator (aka - we charge when we drive), use solar (on average ~ 250 watts), and if the batteries drop to zero they protect themselves from getting damaged. Lastly, Renogy has a badass, user-friendly app that allows you to check-in on your range of power, how much solar your drawing and how fast your batteries are charging. We all have something that needs to be charged or needs a source of power (like a fridge to store all your snacks!) Not to mention, we're human! We forget to unplug and/or turn things off. #ithappens! #doyourresearch

Renogy Inverter, Batteries and Connectors. Beautifully organized and displayed by Brandon.


Multi-Purpose Storage and Smart Use of Space.

This past weekend at Overland Expo West we noticed a lot of people complementing us on how much space was available in our rigs (Thanks everyone!). One thing we've learned from living out of a van is that "space" goes a long way and, no joke, we didn't need an indoor shower. We invested in multi-functional cabinets, replaced our indoor shower with an outdoor one (but mostly found ourselves showering at a local gym or laundromat) and use a lot of L-Track. L-Track's can literally be used for a bike mount, hooks, racks, and so much more. We also install (and LOVE) Backwoods Adventure Mods Roof Racks and Fiamma Awnings. Roof racks are like having an upstairs on your van. A few of our favorite things to do up there is watch the sunrise or sunset, do yoga, or sleep on a cozy night. Having an awning adds a nice touch of shade to your rig on a hot day and is like having an outdoor deck to relax on. Get creative with your space, but keep in the back of your mind, "a place for everything and everything in its place."

Gotta Love the Outdoors with an Awning!

Roof Rack = More Storage


Fans & Comfort = The coziest, most comfortable van ever.

Don't skip on installing a fan or two in your van. Fan's help bring in fresh air, circulate air, and cool you off on a hot day. We've been in 90 - 100 degree Fahrenheit weather (not recommended, but sometimes you can't avoid it) with our fans cranking and were still able to get a good nights rest.

Second is comfort. What exactly do I mean by that? Get a GREAT bed! We never thought we'd be spending so much time in our bed while being in the van (Thank you, Tochta!!!!). Plus, it is so important to get a great nights rest (so you can always, keep on keepin' on with your adventures!).

***IMPORTANT REMINDER: Vent your mattress!

(to avoid mold and other icky stuff)


Honorable Mentions for your best #Vanlife

  • Gas/Diesel Heaters that draw from your fuel tank for super cold winter days

  • Flares by FlareSpace - Extra space for your bed or storage for your goodies

  • Isotherm or Dometic fridge/freezer

  • RV IT GUYS Mobil WiFi (one of the best investments we've ever made)

  • Induction Cooktop - OR - Propane Cooktop/Oven (1 pounder propane)

  • Window Covers for Privacy/Insulation

  • Clothes Drying Rack above sliding door (not on the sliding door... trust me)

  • Sink & Faucet Set up with water pump

  • Water tank that goes over the wheel well (such a space saver!)

  • Storage above driver & passenger seats

  • Special space/storage for your shoes

Much Love and Happy adVANturing!

B & B

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