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I should have started this blog before "#vanlife" was a thing...

Updated: Mar 7

We're Brandon & Brittni - Owners & Outfitters of 2runners1sprinter & adVANtour

(Btw: This is Brittni Writing)

Ciele Athletics Photoshoot with our first rig, Big Bertha. Austin Texas.
Photo By: Austin Garza-Kilcullen

It is kind of funny how #vanlife has become so popular since we started living out of our first rig in 2018! Today, we're part-time #vanlife and part-time #houselife. Not going to lie, we really miss living out of a van full-time!

When we were living in a rig and on the road full-time, Brandon always mentioned how we should start a blog or vlog. I agreed and said, "Fuck Yeah! I'll start a blog!" (not a vlog, my voice is weird and I mumble). Obviously, I didn't start a blog... until now! For real though, I would sit at my computer for hours and start typing, then delete, start again, delete, you get the idea. To be honest, I didn't think I was that interesting or had enough badass content. Hell, maybe I still don't, but now that I built our small, van building business a website, I figured I could sure as shit sit down and start a small blog.

Fist van build. We made an indoor shower out of beetle kill pine and cedar. It smelled lovely.
Big Bertha's Shower & Brand New Toilet. I couldn't wait to break her in.

Our blog will mostly consist of pictures, maybe a story, hopefully not many grammatical errors (I'm sorry, it's never been my strong suit!), tangents and a little cursing sprinkled on top.

If you are still reading this, thank you and more importantly, we love that you are here, that you exist, and we hope to see you out there!


B & B

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