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We're Grateful

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

We have so much to be thankful for this year! Our business is growing which means... more vans! We invested in more rigs and have 3 out of 5 vans built and ready to adventure!

(Shown below!)

Huge thanks to Warner Vans of Salt Lake City, Utah for the fleet of sprinter vans!

Photo Taken in Creede, Colorado
We named this rig, Vandy Dick. 4x4 -High Roof - 170'

We named this rig, Gina. 4x4 - High Roof - 144'

We named this rig, Van Diesel. 4x4 - High Roof - 170'

Interested in learning more about our rigs and asking price?

Send us an email!


We also celebrated living in a house for a little over a year and we got another dog!

Phoebe aka Pheebs

Her and Petey are BFFS.


Most importantly, our lives are so rich with love, faith, and beauty because of the people that make it so epic. With full-hearts we thank our families, friends and partners who make this life we live so incredible!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Waiting to see the great Old Faithful!
Summer in Traverse City, Michigan!

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